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Nucaro food colours


The Nucaro brand covers a comprehensive range of beta-carotene products for both fat and water-based applications. Both liquid oil and dry powder products are available, each and every one meeting the highest requirements for a wide range of food applications as well as for nutritional and pharmaceutical preparations.

Nucaro product range

  • Nucaro 30% OS
  • Nucaro 20% TAB
  • Nucaro 10% CWS/Y
  • Nucaro 10% CWS/O
  • Nucaro 10% CWS beadlet
  • Nucaro 1% CWS
Nucaro 30% OS Nucaro 20% TAB Nucaro 10% CWS
Nucaro 1% CWS
Applications fortification & colouring of oil and fat-basedproducts fortification & colouring for direct compression applications fortification & colouring of water-based products
Description oily dispersion of microcrystalline beta-carotene in vegetable oil fine granular free-flowing powder with excellent stability for direct compression fine granular free-flowing powder that readily disperses in cold water
Packaging 1 kg alu bottle
5 kg alu bottle
20 kg alu bottle
1 kg sealed alu bag
5 kg sealed alu bag
5 kg sealed alu bag

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